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The Butters Bar Soap: Great for babies delicate skin, clears up eczema, heals small wounds and infections, soothes rash, anti-inflammatory & anti-fungal propertiesHoney Oats & Vanilla: Contains enzymes and antioxidants, enriches the skin, deep cleanser, removes dead skin cells, hydrates skin  Lavender: Reduce oily skin, hydrates dry skin, eliminates dead skin, brightens skin all around (natural glow), improves skin health all around, reduces wrinkles Charcoal: Reduces oily skin, acne, and pore size. Tightens the skin, anti-aging, eases depression and headaches.Turmeric Grapefruit: Reduce acne & oil, revives natural glow, antioxidant, antibacterial, tightens skin, great cleanser, and uplifts energy

Bar Soaps



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